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Images, from around Worcester and the Vale of Evesham, are by a photographer exploring "textures, patterns and colours in unexpected places. The photographs are sometimes close-up and always personal. Using natural light without image manipulation the emphasis is on digital and 35mm photography. A fresh take on people, town and country, making small details come to life."


thumbmail image Surroundings
Selected photos from the 65 on display here formed the basis of two exhibitions in 2008 and 2009 under the heading 'Surroundings'. Others have appeared, alongside new images, in later exhibitions.
thumbmail image Fragments in Blue
Evolved from a series of photographs taken in January 2009 and comprises of nine separate detailed images taken from a frozen pond showing the striking effect of sunlight and ice on the water surface
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Small Landscapes

Four landscapes...or are they?
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The Greenhouse

Photos from the exhibition. See panel on the right.

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The photographer

Short biography, information and contact

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june posterInterplay of water and light fascinates - it transforms the mundane into pictures of wonder and mystery. This exhibition illustrates a sense of this emphemeral beauty.

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The Greenhousephoto 2 by Hazel Green

Places have their own life and resonance. These photos trace the demise of my father's greenhouse giving it renewed presence.

From the exhibition held in May 2011 at The Function Room, The Ambassador




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